Il Muse website for schools

Il Muse website for schoolsIl Muse website for schoolsIl Muse website for schools



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Development of the WordPress site for MUSE for schools

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Simple and Intuitive Design

Like BigFive, we were commissioned by MUSE of Trento, Science Museum designed by Renzo Piano, to develop the new website dedicated to teachers for the “MUSE for school” project.

We created a website that was easy to navigate and understandable even for less experienced users. We have chosen legible colors and fonts to make the contents easier to read and understand. We have also made the site responsive, in order to guarantee a good user experience on all devices.

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Dedicated to teachers with many different backgrounds

The website has been designed specifically for teachers, offering many different activities to choose from, and presenting the information in a simple and clear way.

Furthermore, we have created a section dedicated to educational lines, to facilitate the choice between the proposals and to give the possibility of sharing useful tools to act responsibly in respect of environmental and economic integrity and sustainability.

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MUSE, Science Museum

MUSE in Trento is the most important Science Museum in Italy, and our team has had the privilege of working with the Museum for years.

Thanks to the collaboration with MUSE, we have managed to create a website capable of responding to the needs of teachers and offering high-quality educational activities.
For MUSE, we also created communication campaigns, promoted exhibitions And created photographic services.

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