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Are you looking for a creative agency to create corporate videos and animated videos?

Year after year, videos are becoming the preferred method for the use of content: just think of the success that TikTok has achieved in our country in a short time. Precisely for this reason, in order to send a message immediately and spontaneously, it is necessary to implement professional videos that they can do it in the best possible way.

Thanks to BigFive's experience in the field of videomaking and animation, the result is guaranteed!

See the potential of BigFive videos in 90 seconds

Videos are the winning choice for engaging your customers and communicate in a simple and direct way through a fresh and innovative style. By choosing us for your corporate videos you will have the best ones available videomaker and motion designer professionals who will help you create a product tailor-made and ready to be used.

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Do you need an effective video to promote your business?

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    What types of videos can we make?

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    Videos for Social

    Short, ironic, impactful videos, with what it takes to immediately become viral on every social network. Ideal for communicating messages that can easily be re-shared on the web. 

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    Video Animations

    Have you been thinking about making an animated video to promote your business? We create animated infographics in cartoon, graphic or realistic style to best represent your ideas.

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    Would you like to promote your product or service on a television channel? We can create a captivating and intriguing commercial to tell about it in just a few seconds.

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    Video UGC – User Generated Content

    UGC (User Generated Content) videos are increasingly required to create high-performance ADS on channels such as TiktTok and Instagram. We can select the right creators for you to promote your business.

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    Filmed on Green screen

    Would you like to make a video using a green screen? No problem! We have a green screen available for you in our filming studio in Monza. 

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    Video interviews

    Are you going to send a message to your audience? We create video interviews that can be integrated with animated titles, girths and infographics of all kinds.

    emotional video icon

    Emotional videos

    Who doesn't know storytelling? Through this incredible script/writing technique, speaking to the heart of your audience will be a breeze.

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    Music Videos

    Do you have a band? Small or large, it will be a stimulating challenge for us to create video clips that can satisfy your target audience while respecting your ideas.


    We listen

    We prioritize your goals and needs at the core of our activities.

    We think

    We strategize and think creatively to achieve your objectives.

    We create

    We develop tailor-made solutions that seamlessly align with your business.

    They have entrusted their creative needs to our agency.

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