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Yamzu eSports on blockchain Yamzu eSports on blockchain Yamzu eSports on blockchain



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The revolutionary Yamzu blockchain eSports platform

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What if gamers could rely on a safe, reliable and innovative platform?

Born in 2016, Yamzu is a constantly growing company that responds to the needs of those looking for a professional reality for online gaming.
Tailor-made attitude, payment security and attention to the latest trends in the hi-tech world are the watchwords that make Yamzu a unique reality in its sector.

Towards the single currency of online gaming

With a community of 10,000 gamers and a growth of 300% in the last two years, Yamzu is a candidate to be one of the major players in the future universe of esports.
This is also why we have paid particular attention to the blog area, which, thanks to clear and complete articles, allows users to learn about the advantages of the platform.

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One page site

For clear and effective information, we have created a one page site with the main information placed in the foreground. ICO public offering, introductory video, Token and Roadmap are prominently featured, as are the Blog and Team area.

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