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Are you looking for a web agency specialized in creating logos for your business?

Being able to stand out in an increasingly dynamic and competitive market like the one we are used to today is certainly not easy. A professional logo and which fully reflects the spirit of your business will certainly make the difference. The logo, in fact, is the first contact with a customer: as important as a vigorous handshake. The logos we create are thoroughly studied, so as to allow them to enter the consumer's mind right from the first glance. In essence, the logo is the business card of your company, which is why you should rely on one graphic agency with more than 10 years of experience!

Being able to summarize the identity, the values and the characteristics unique to your company, imprinting them in the memory of the end user, will allow you to build a high-impact brand identity

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Do you need a new logo or want to renew your brand?

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    What is the process that leads BigFive to create your logo?

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    First of all, it will be our concern to know your history, that of your company and the people who work there and surround you. Understanding the core values, mission and characteristics that make you unique is our main goal.

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    Do you have a thousand ideas? We'll help you select the ones that really matter. Do you have few and confusing ones? Nothing to worry about: we will take care of making your business unique!

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    We will delve into your world with the resourcefulness of Indiana Jones, researching in depth on everything that concerns your sector: history, competitors, winning models and much more.

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    Having reached this point, we will begin to give shape to the best ideas by creating drafts of your future logo. 

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    The real creative process begins! We will remain in contact throughout the processing phase to show you previews of your logo. We will work side by side to achieve the best result in accordance with what you have in mind. 

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    Your logo

    Finally your logo is ready! But we'll deliver you more than that: you'll get the entire graphic essence of your story. Every track, every color, every shape will talk about you and your business. 


    We listen

    We prioritize your goals and needs at the core of our activities.

    Let's plan

    We strategize and think creatively to achieve your objectives.

    We create

    We develop tailor-made solutions that seamlessly align with your business.

    They have entrusted their creative needs to our agency.

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