Brand identity HUB IN

Brand identity HUB INBrand identity HUB INBrand identity HUB IN




Logo and Brand Identity

concept hub in

Logo and coordinated image for the HUB-IN

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HUB IN 8 logo

Decomposable Logo: Modularity and Flexibility

The HUB-IN logo was created with the idea of modularity and flexibility, so that it can be used in different situations and media. The structure of the logo, made up of basic elements, highlights the unity and support that families can find in this community, and allows individual elements to be used to create new compositions, as needed. In this way, the logo becomes multifaceted and unique.

closed box
open box
Brand Identity 3
Brand Identity 2

Brand Identity and Logo: Ideation and Concept

The HUB-IN project represents a response to childhood educational poverty, with the aim of acting in a multidimensional way and creating a community of people committed to sharing and integrating skills. Our goal was to create a logo that was a game in itself, an image that communicated the idea of individual growth through play. We developed the concept of game and tangram, a technique in which geometric shapes are assembled to create a complete image, and used basic geometric shapes to form the HUB-IN lettering.

front bag
retro bag

Brand Development

The choice of primary colors, the use of basic geometric shapes and the modularity of the logo make the HUB-IN image recognizable and easily identifiable. Furthermore, the decomposable logo allows you to create different compositions, which can be used to develop the brand identity in a creative and original way.

Poster Mockup