Altromercato Foundation website

Altromercato Foundation websiteAltromercato Foundation websiteAltromercato Foundation website


Altromercato Foundation

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Altromercato Foundation website to support social projects

Altromercato Foundation for Sustainable Development

Altromercato Foundation is dedicated to fighting economic and social injustice, promoting a culture of peace, solidarity and respect for Human Rights. We support the organization's mission, which is based on justice for people and the planet, promoting fair trade and sustainable development projects to improve people's lives and protect the environment. Our website has helped spread the Foundation's message and facilitate support for its projects.

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Simple and Intuitive Design

We developed the WordPress site for the Altromercato Foundation with a minimalist design and intuitive for ensure an optimal user experience. The site has been structured to make all information easily accessible information related to the mission and vision of the organization, as well as the social projects supported.

User Experience

We have paid particular attention to the user experience, making it quick and easy to find information. We have also integrated tools for direct donation from the website, to facilitate support for social projects supported by the Foundation.

Altromercato foundation website


Altromercato Foundation