Agha WordPress site with configurator

Agha WordPress site with configuratorAgha WordPress site with configuratorAgha WordPress site with configurator




Website with configurator

Multilingual site with a customized product configurator

For the design company Agha, part of the Artesi group, we created a custom multilingual WordPress site that illustrates the company's product catalogue.

Through a configurator it is possible filter products based on specific characteristics, so as to be able to guide the user in their choice. Inside the cards, through a cross selling upselling system, they come suggested similar or compatible products.

iPad site configurator

Virtual Tour in 3D

Visit the Agha showroom in an interactive and engaging way

Created during the pandemic to allow anyone to visit the customer's showroom, we have incorporated into the site the possibility of making a 3D virtual tour.

In this way, those who cannot go directly to the showroom, even for reasons of distance or travel difficulties, can comfortably discover Agha products from the comfort of their home or office with an e-mail.immersive user experience.

agha virtual tour
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