NFT and Blockchain


Are you looking for a partner for NFT and Blockchain projects?

Do you want to explore the potential of Web3 and expanding digital markets?
The digital revolution is here, and with it, the era of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and blockchain solutions. If you're looking to position yourself at the cutting edge of web3, you're in the right place.

NFTs, which they are radically transforming the world of art, music and video, represent a significant turning point in the digital age. These unique tokens offer the ability to create, own and sell once-in-a-lifetime digital works.
With BigFive, you have the opportunity to create an NFT collection that reflects your ideas and meets your needs. Our experience in the sector has allowed us to be among the pioneers in Italy in the launch of NFT collections, with extraordinary success and rapid sold out.

We have extensive experience in the industry and have been among the first in Italy to launch a collection on this digital market, managing to sell out all the pieces in just a few days.

Our approach includes developing targeted marketing strategies, creating roadmaps and action plans, and developing custom blockchain solutions on platforms such as Ethereum, Polygon and Solana. As the blockchain market evolves, we witness growing adoption across various industries such as finance, insurance, agritech and beyond, offering unlimited potential for your project

Furthermore, you won't have to worry about any technicalities, we'll take care of preparing everything to allow you to enter the blockchain immediately! 

BigFive is among the first realities in Italy to have launched its own NFT collection.

We took care of the project entirely, starting from design to creation smart contracts, up to the management of the Community and the publication of the collection on the main marketplaces



Let’s talk

Do you want to use Blockchain to create an NFT project?

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    What can we do for your NFT collection?

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    Idea Development

    First, we will develop your idea by listening to all your suggestions and taking your every word into consideration. Don't have a captivating idea? Nothing to worry about: we'll make one together!

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    Creation of the Smart Contract

    Once the foundations of the project have been established, the actual development of the NFT collection will begin. We will identify the most suitable blockchain, based on the specific needs of the business and we will create the smart contract to bring your project to life.

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    Which marketplace to choose?

    Opensea, Rarible, Foundation are some of the possible platforms available for buying/selling NFTs. Once your tokens are ready, we will select the most suitable platforms for you to sell your digital objects, based on their type and the strategic direction of the project itself.

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    Mint NFT

    Once you have selected the appropriate platform for your project, we will move on to the "minting" process; we will then take care of making your digital object a real NFT ready to be purchased or exchanged by users.

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    Social Media Campaign

    At this point all that remains is to promote your tokens! Thanks to targeted advertising campaigns on the relevant social networks and with industry influencers, based on the project itself, we will attract new possible buyers.  

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    Influencer Marketing

    Our Influencer Marketing service for NFT collections will help you reach your ideal audience. By collaborating with selected influencers, we will bring your collection to the attention of a large community of enthusiasts and potential buyers.

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    Discord community creation

    A Discord server dedicated to your NFT project allows you to communicate with your community. You will be able to share news, updates, previews and much more, creating a strong and lasting bond with your users.
    Our team will help you configure and manage the server efficiently, setting roles, permissions and dedicated channels for a smooth and engaging communication experience with your users.

    message moderation icon


    Our Discord server moderation service will ensure a safe and respectful environment for your NFT community.
    Our expert moderation team will maintain the order and quality of conversations, preventing any inappropriate behavior and ensuring a positive experience for all server members.
    With our assistance, your Discord server will be an inspiring and productive meeting place for your community.

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    Sign up for alert sites

    To increase the visibility of your collection and attract new buyers, we can register your collection on sites such as NFT Calendar, Upcoming NFT, NFT Drops and many others.

    In the web3 with NFTs

    Choosing BigFive means having a reliable partner for the creation and promotion of your NFT projects.
    Thanks to our experience, we are able to create effective launch strategies to best position your project in the market. Furthermore, we offer additional services to enrich your offer and make it even more attractive.

    Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of blockchain technology. Contact us now for more information on our services and to start creating your NFT projects in a professional and original way, without worrying about the technical aspects.


    We listen

    We prioritize your goals and needs at the core of our activities.

    Let's plan

    We strategize and think creatively to achieve your objectives.

    We create

    We develop tailor-made solutions that seamlessly align with your business.

    They have entrusted their creative needs to our agency.

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