Bikel e-commerce web site

Bikel e-commerce web siteBikel e-commerce web siteBikel e-commerce web site
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bicycle e-commerce created via Woocommerce

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Unique electric bikes

Quality, Fashion and Technology are Bikel's watchwords.
Not a simple electric bicycle, but a design product capable of standing out.
A strictly Made in Italy production starting from the design of the frame up to the painting, completed with the best accessories available on the market.

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Choose the right path

Different types of pedal-assisted bicycles to adapt to all movement needs: Urban for getting around the city and for trips out of town on asphalt; Weekender is the ideal electric bike for use on asphalt and dirt; Extreme for dirt roads with rocks and extreme situations.

Ride with Bikel

The site was developed with WordPress, using the woocommerce engine to prepare Bikel products for direct sales via e-commerce.
The homepage is made up of a carousel with the six bike models available, subsequently captured by some short video clips that come alive when the mouse is hovered. A focus on the general characteristics shared by each model completes the description of these unique and inimitable bikes.

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User Experience

User experience was a priority for us when developing the Bikel site. We wanted to guarantee visitors an easy navigation through the products, with a complete description of each model and related characteristics.

Furthermore, we have made the product purchasing process simple and intuitive, thanks to the implementation of a system fast and efficient checkout.

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