WordPress and Woocommerce ecommerce site

WordPress and Woocommerce ecommerce siteWordPress and Woocommerce ecommerce siteWordPress and Woocommerce ecommerce site



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Protection and Comfort for New Parents and their Little Ones

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Medical products e-commerce site

BODEEĀ® is a line of innovative products designed to guarantee the maximum comfort and safety of newborns during their first months of life.

Thanks to the advanced technology integrated into BODEEĀ® products, new parents can constantly monitor the health and well-being of their babies, offering them moments of tranquility and serenity.

For Bodee we created an e-commerce site using WordPress and Woocommerce to allow thepurchase by credit card or Paypal.

BODEE offers numerous functions to ensure maximum comfort and safety of the newborn. The BODEE Device, a small device that attaches to the baby's body, is able to detect breathing, position, activity level and noise/sound in the vicinity of the newborn. By connecting the smart thermometer, new parents can also keep an eye on the baby's temperature during the night, without disturbing his rest.

The BODEE App connects to the BODEE Device and allows parents to receive real-time notifications on the health status of the newborn. Furthermore, the app allows you to note down your baby's meals, hours of sleep, pediatrician appointments and view percentiles, offering a complete solution for the needs of new parents.

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