Google changes: from Mobile First to Mobile Only


google mobile first

We've known for a long time that having a fully optimized website and designed for mobile devices is a key element in offering a better user experience and improve your positioning on search engines. From today it is even more so.

Google's new algorithm update makes the move to mobile 100% indexing official

John Mueller, Search Advocate at Google, announced an epochal change for the SEO world: from March 2021 Google will index websites in Mobile Only mode and sites optimized exclusively for desktop devices will disappear from the SERP.

google mobile indexing

What really changes?

Already since July 2019, with the Mobile First index, Google has begun a process of indexing new sites by giving preference to their smartphone appearance and functioning. So, if your site is responsive and it was developed correctly with attention to its mobile optimization, You do not have to worry.

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Otherwise you may see a change in your SERP ranking, losing positions in the Google index and consequently traffic.

How can I tell if my site is optimized for mobile?

The simplest way is to use a tool offered by Google, the mobile optimization test which allows you to simply insert the link to your site check if it is optimized in the eyes of Google. The more experienced can investigate further through the Google Search Console.

If you receive this message, it means you have passed the validation test. If not, contact us now, to receive a quote for a complete overhaul of your site before losing positions on Google.

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Checklist for the Mobile Only Index

Google provides some guidelines to follow in order to make the most of the new indexing algorithm. Our site must be:

  • Fast: Responds quickly to user interactions with silky smooth animations.
  • Integrated: the user does not have to use the browser features to navigate, but must be able to navigate fluidly within the interface.
  • Reliable: Charges instantly and reliably, even in unstable network conditions.
  • Engaging: Entertain the user with beautifully designed and interactive experiences.

    Are you an SEO Specialist?

    Here are some questions for you:

    • Was the site designed with a Mobile First perspective?
    • Are all the contents present on the Desktop version also present on Mobile?
    • Have meta tags been inserted to avoid indexing of some pages (noindex, nofollow)?
    • Are there any errors in Search Console?

    Does your site not have these features?

    Contact us and let's talk together