Cavicel WordPress Site Development

Cavicel WordPress Site DevelopmentCavicel WordPress Site DevelopmentCavicel WordPress Site Development



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Professional multilingual company website development

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Cavicel SpA is a leading Italian company in the production of high quality cables

with a strong presence around the world. The company has a long history of excellence in the design and manufacturing of high-quality cables and has decided to invest in creating a new website that reflects its values of quality and innovation.


Project objectives

The main objective of the project was to create a modern, dynamic and easily navigable website to present the vast range of products and services offered by Cavicel. The site had to be intuitive And user-friendly, with particular attention to graphics and design to make the user experience as pleasant as possible.

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Fast and user friendly site

BigFive chose to use the WordPress platform for site development, as it is one of the most popular and versatile CMS available on the market. Thanks to its flexibility we were able to create a customized site that satisfied them specific needs of Cavicel.

The design of the website was created with particular attention to user experience, ensuring that navigation was easy and intuitive for users. Additionally, the site has been optimized for viewing on all devices, including desktops, tablets and smartphones.

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Copper quotes in real time

To respond to customer requests we have created a custom plugin for WordPress that allows the customer to enter the copper price applied daily.

In this way the company's customers can always be updated on the rates applied to supplies.