BigFive becomes Iubenda certified partner


iubenda certified partner

We know, cookie banners are boring and often ignored, but since the entry into force of the GDPR on May 25, 2018, i Web sites and apps must comply with some very restrictive obligations imposed by law.

What do you risk by not respecting user privacy?

Failure to comply with the rules carries the risk of huge fines. Depending on the severity of the privacy violation, you risk sanctions ranging from 2% up to 4% of the turnover.
That's why we have chose to rely on Iubenda, a company made up of both legal and technical figures, specialized in this sector.
Together with iubenda, of which we are Certified Partners, we are able to offer all our customers a simple and safe solution to the need for legal compliance.

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Is it also needed on my site?

It is very difficult for your site not to process any data.

In fact, a simple one is enough contact form, i social sharing buttonsa traffic analysis system like Google Analytics to trigger the obligation to prepare and display information.

A'update to the law forces sites and apps to acquire prior consent before being able to activate user tracking via cookies.

Some cookies are exempt from the requirement of consent. These include preference, session, load balancing, etc. cookies. Statistical cookies managed directly by you, for example through software such as Matomo/Piwik. This exception does not apply if the data is used to profile users.

iubenda becomes compliant

How we can help you with iubenda solutions

Thanks to our partnership with Iubenda, we can help you configure everything necessary to bring your site/app up to code. Iubenda is in fact the simplest, most complete and professional solution to comply with regulations and one of the few already compliant with Google Consent Mode.

Is your site not GDPR compliant?

Contact us and get ready immediately