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BookCity Milan FestivalBookCity Milan FestivalBookCity Milan Festival


BookCity Milan

bookcity milan

Portal development with custom CMS for event festival management

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The project

BookCity is an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Milan and the BookCity Milan Association made up of the Corriere della Sera Foundation, the Feltrinelli Foundation, the Mondadori Foundation and the School for Booksellers Foundation.


Why BookCity?

The main objectives of BCM are to obtain visibility in Milan as a center of editorial production, to propose reading as a valuable experience by combining innovation and tradition.

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The portal

We have been managing the website since 2015, when we were tasked with redesigning the digital layout of the event. The visual and textual communication is rich in iconographic elements to simplify user navigation and improve the user experience.

In addition to collecting over 1000 events, divided by tags and categories, since 2017 a reserved area has been active which can be accessed to propose new initiatives, register for specific events or to create a personal calendar of the event.

BCM themes
BCM project
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BookCity Milan